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Exercise classes offered at our practice location in Swampscott

Join our professional yoga instructor and physical therapist, as they teach you how to feel stronger and healthier. 

Gentle Yoga

What is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice in which participants utilize various gentle stretches (called “poses”) to improve health and fitness, while sharpening the mind.

Who Should Sign Up?

Anyone! Yoga has been clinically proven to improve back pain, stiffness, depression and anxiety. It has also been shown to increase strength and flexibility, while lowering blood pressure and improving sleep.

Strength and Balance

What is this Class?

Our strength and balance exercise class involves working with a personal trainer to improve your fitness and decrease your risk of dangerous falls.

This course is ideal for a client who is trying to improve their function around their home and for those who would like to prevent deconditioning while enhancing strength and the ability to function independently.

Improving Back Pain

What is this Class?

This class is designed for those millions of Americans who suffer from lower back pain. Back pain can be a chronic and debilitating illness. Fortunately for most people, exercise and stretching will lead to significant improvement in symptoms and improve day to day function.

Physical therapy and activity are considered essential in the treatment of lower back pain and we are happy to offer this class to assist our patients with back pain increasing their level of function and decreasing their pain.

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